Semantics & SEO

Content Analysis

Knowly identifies and extracts structured information from your Website to improve your SEO performances.

Google does not understand your content

Knowly does.

Knowly helps search engines interpreting the context and subtelties of your articles.

Semantic analysis

Is your internal links structure relevant ?

Knowly analyzes the semantic coherence of your internal links. It helps you find out the best strategy to build a SEO/Semantics-friendly site architecture.

Knowly provides high-end tools to automate the building of a semantically optimized, relevant link structure.

Knowly is the only tool on the market being able to detect complex entities, such as : movie titles, songs, Hi-Tech products, business events, car models, ...

Is your content fresh enough ?

Knowly boosts your freshness score by automatically building press reviews targeted to your website.

Just choose the topics you're interested in, Knowly does the rest.

This helps improving Google crawl rate and adds links to high authority sites. It shows search engines that your website can be related to these high authority sites.

Example - SEO Topics of the last 6 weeks

Example - SEO news in the UK and US press

Is your website suffering from Duplicate Content ?

Knowly can help you with its exclusive semantic injection technology.

Example - Content déduplication using semantic injection

Duplicate content : « Semantics is the future of SEO »

Original content* :  « SemanticsSemantics is the study of meaning is the future of SEOMore information: Search Engine Optimization on Wikipedia »

* Hover your mouse over underlined words

This technology allows you to respect Google guidelines about cloacking and hidden text/links. Inserted text and links are accessible to both search engines and humans.




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