Performance and Accuracy

Knowly extracts, deciphers, identifies and disambiguates expressed and implied entities with a level of precision unrivalled among other text analysis tools

Knowly uses a in-house algorithm connected to a Knowledge Graph holding more than 1M entities and 66M facts.

Content Analysis

Key differentiating factors

In-depth context analysis

Knowly is able to detect implied entities into a text without the need to express them explicitly.

  • Persons and Organisations
  • Products and Products versions
  • Places and Events

Improved Categorisation

Each entity is defined by more than 15 parameters (including country of origine and business sector), enabling strong disambiguation performances, improved text categorisation and article geolocation.

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Products detection

Knowly is the first semantic analysis tool offering real product detection performances, including:

  • Hi-tech products, softwares, technologies
  • Cars, recreational products
  • Cultural products (movies, books, ...)
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